The Best Student Accommodation Choices for Birmingham City University

Going to university is exciting for any 18 year old, but it can also be very nerve-wracking, especially when it comes choosing accommodation. Birmingham is a fantastic British city full of everything from nightlife to chocolate factories; and what student doesn’t love that? If you’re heading to Birmingham City University this year then you’ll need to make sure that you have the best accommodation for you. Some students prefer the independence of private letting agents, whilst others prefer the comfort of campus – it really is your individual choice. Whether you’re a fresher, a 3rd year or a post-grad, here are the accommodation choices for the BCU student of 2014.

The Student Guide to Carlisle

If you’ve made the University of Cumbria in Carlisle your first choice of university then it is time to make plans and get to know the city itself. Carlisle is a beautiful place to spend your university life; it is full of culture, fun and friendly people, but before moving to any city it is better to know a little bit about it so you can simply enjoy it when you get there. So if the University of Cumbria (Carlisle campus) is your choice of university here is the fresher’s guide to moving to Carlisle so you can get the best out of the next three years!


Graduation Day: Make it a day to remember

There are moments of pride we all want to remember and treasure for the rest of our lives. Having your loved one graduating from university is certainly high up on the list of such moments for many people. As a proud parent, you want to reward your hardworking graduate by making this a day to look back at and cherish. Here are some suggestions of how to make the graduation day and ceremony very unforgettable.

How to Succeed in a Graduate Interview

With the summer drawing to a chilly close, autumn is the time of year that many recent university graduates start the serious hunt for their new career. Whether it’s an entry-level position in a top-tier investment bank, law firm, or marketing agency, competition is fierce. Having a professionally written graduate CV tailored to your job search strategy will dramatically increase your chances at securing those precious interviews, but have you thought beyond the CV?